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Pelagian DCCCR

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Pelagian DCCCR MK2 is here!



Key features

Duration of 4 hours in cold water or 6 hours in warm water with standard scrubber.

Curved front mounted counter lungs for low breathing resistance and uncluttered chest area OR optional back mounted counter lungs.

Uses any cylinder size from 1,8 - 11 liters.

Perfect trim and balance.

Low profile and streamlined design.

All standard fittings and user replaceable parts.

Powered by standard 9V alkaline battery.

Instant Cell Validation.

Quick assembly and maintenance. No tools needed for replacement of dive sorb, sensors and o-rings.

Bolts directly to your favorite back plate and wing.

[ Working principle ] [ Sensor validation ]
[ Trim and balance ] [ Frame work ]


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